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Lawn & Landscape

Your commercial property value is directly linked to your landscaping—which is why you want to ensure everything continually looks well-groomed, no matter what the season. After all, your landscape is the first impression that clients, tenants, and visitors will have and you want it to be a good one.

Of course, keeping your commercial property looking its best doesn’t just happen. It requires ongoing landscape maintenance throughout the year to keep everything in great shape.


We understand that no two commercial properties are the same and that your unique needs may vary. That’s why we can custom-create a plan that will suit your property and ultimately help you stand out.



This customization is just one of many ways that we aim to meet your exact needs. After all, you don’t feel like dealing with headaches and hassles from the company you hire to care for your landscape. You want to know that everything will be taken care of as you desire.


At OZ Property Maintenance, that’s exactly what we can offer you—peace of mind that your needs are being met.


Snow & Ice Managment


We love commercial snow plowing because working with business owners means you're professional and want the job done right. Your employees or contractors are a big part of your business and without them your job is not existent or much harder.

If you’re looking for commercial snow plowing service then you’ve come to the right place. One phone call with us and you’ll see why we’re the best.

The last thing you want to do is hire Bob who lives 50 miles out and have him show up late every time there is a snow storm. What good is snow removal service if it isn’t done before everyone gets to work?

We want to keep your employees safe and away from car accidents. This way they’ll end up showing up with a better attitude and won’t complain about the impossible drive. Take all your worries you have about this upcoming winter and let us take care of them.

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