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Snow & Ice Management

Servicing commercial and residential properties, we will keep your driveway, sidewalks and steps clear of snow.

Snow plow & snow removal services are necessary to help keep your property safe and easier to navigate during the winter months. Even if you have your own snowplow or snow blower, we will take care of your snow plowing needs if you are too busy. OZ Property Maintenance's team members go above and beyond to keep your home or commercial operational all winter long.


Our snow removal team offers state of the art snowplow equipment & snow removal concepts. This includes de-icing that will make sure the melted ice will not just turn back into ice when the temperature drops again. We work with every customer whether you are a residential driveway or a commercial lot. We define the exact scope of work before the season, so nothing is missed when the snow arrives. Join many of your Buffalo, NY neighbors & businesses who are already taking advantage of our snowplow & snow removal services.

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