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SOD Installation

Get The PERFECT Lawn Instantly

If you are the type of person that wants to have a lawn immediately, than sod may be the answer. Sod is a roll of grass measuring 10 square feet. The most important factor in considering this application is the amount of sun necessary for it to grow. The best time to install sod is during the spring and fall seasons. You can install sod during warmer conditions however more water is required.

If you install sod in a shady area it will look good for a few weeks and then begin to decline rapidly unless using a shade friendly grass type. The sod must have adequate soil underneath for the roots to grow into. Sometimes soil must be added and/or amended first. You may also decide to trim some lower branches shading the sod in order to maximize growth. A light application of fertilizer along with an insecticide is also recommended during installation.


The first step that our professional sod installers take when beginning a commercial or residential sod installation project is ground preparation. Preparing the ground for sod installation includes removing any existing vegetation such as grass, moss, and weeds. Depending on the scale of the project, our sod installation contractors complete this step using sod cutters, front-end loader driven hydraulic rakes, or hand tools.

Ground Preperations

Grading: The grading step is one of the most important steps in the sod installation process as it contributes greatly to the final end result and quality of a sod installation project. Because sod will conform to any uneven dips or hills in the ground, the ground must be graded properly prior to sod installation. Our sod installers use a variety of modern equipment in order to create the best results. Grading an area properly will ensure proper drainage and runoff for years to come. During this grading process, top soil may be added as needed as a base for sod or to level off certain areas.


Turf grass and Sod Installation: After the ground has been properly graded, our sod installers are ready to begin the actual turf grass or sod installation process. We use the latest sod installation equipment to complete both residential and commercial sod installation projects quickly.


OZ Property Maintenance offers sod installation and lawn grading services within the capital region. We can clean up the ground areas to be sodded, prep the soil and add nutrients and then apply an application of sod after which all you need do is maintain a watering schedule for the first three or four weeks until root growth is established and strong.

Freshly installed sod must be immediately watered upon installation so that it resembles a wet carpet. Following the initial watering the sod must be kept wet until it roots have developed. Keep up with the proper applications and your lawn will look good for a long time.

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